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Allergen Free Mexico is an NGO catering for, and improving the life of people with food allergies, special diets, obesity and sedentary lifestyles. In a bid to create a regulatory framework we are consolidating ourself as the peak industry body in:

1. Gluten & allergen management in the food & beverages industry via our official "certification free from” cereals containing gluten and top 8 allergens, and suite of allergen training courses for caterers.

2. Promotion of holistic nutrition through ancestral superfood

3. Catapulting Mexico as a pioneer health and wellness destination meeting global gastronomy and diet trends, all based on Mexico’s authentic, naturally allergen-free diet and the basis for its traditional cuisine, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

AFM proposes a Climatarian diet with rapid responses to questions, resources and support on tested products, treatments and concepts, proven safe for people living with coeliac disease and/ or food allergies or other special dietary requirements. 

AFM’s services will provide your company with:
- Solutions for world diet trends through the promotion of a safe food supply for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.
- Access to 30% of the world population which suffers from some sort of dietary restriction
- Increased export opportunities
- New marketing and distribution channels
- Positive contribution to aiding the overall nutrition of the world’s 2nd most obese nation and first in child obesity (Mexico) and spearheading change in Latin America. 

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