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Food Matters Live is sponsored by companies from across the food and health sectors -  reflecting the breadth of the event's content, its stakeholders and participants. 

Sponsors in 2016 included:

a2 Milk Company Ltd

Not all milk is the same.

a2 Milk is fresh cow’s milk that naturally contains a protein called A2 beta casein and, unlike regular cow’s milk it does not contain A1 protein which can cause intolerance issues in some people.

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We develop and provide value-adding vegetable oil solutions in close collaboration with our customers, enabling them to achieve long lasting business results. We do so through our in-depth expertise in oils & fats within food applications, working with a wide range of raw materials and broad process capabilities. 

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Aqua Carpatica

Sodium free, AQUA Carpatica is a high quality natural mineral water that brings you the power and the purity of the Carpathian Mountains. In both still and sparkling versions, AQUA Carpatica is ideal for the maintenance of the skeleton-muscular system, thanks to its magnesium-rich content.

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AstaReal AB is a world leader in research based natural astaxanthin health products that are marketed under the AstaReal® brand. AstaReal® natural astaxanthin is produced in Gustavsberg, Sweden, by cultivating the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis under controlled conditions in a unique in-door facility. 

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Baergfeuer AG   

Premium Balsam vinegar “Swiss Mountain Essence“ and its spicy little sister, chilisauce “Baergfeuer“ are walking new path in the premium food sector. Both can be considered as an evidence for the young Liechtenstein company's distinct passion for good food. Authenticity for them means high-quality ingredients and gentle production. 

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Chr. Hansen

Today, Chr. Hansen is the only provider of natural colours that combines 140 years of unique application and regulatory expertise with a strong, extensive global presence and the widest natural colour portfolio in the industry. Whether you are changing from artificial to natural colours or to food and vegetable concentrates and juices, we understand your challenges. 

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Googly Fruit

Is it tasty, fun and practical on-the-go? Then it must be a Googly Fruit! Hello, we are the Googly Fruit and we're great for kids. We're a huge family of fruit and vegetables and for us life's all about having fun and tasting great too. 

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Grana Padano

Grana Padano Protection Consortium was founded in 1954. With 131 producers, today it is based in Desenzano del Garda, in the heart of the Production Area in Northern Italy. Its mission is to ensure that every wheel of cheese is produced with the exact standards set in the Production Specifications and it is responsible with promoting and safeguarding Grana Padano cheese from imitations and counterfeiting, reassuring consumers of a guaranteed and high-quality product.

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High Commission of Canada

The High Commission will help you source the very best in food and beverage products from Canada. Our expert commercial team is more than pleased to put you in touch with Canadian suppliers of unique, innovative and high quality products that will meet your most demanding requirements.

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Jardox Technologies

Jardox Technologies will be launching a revelationary new ingredient at the show. With the focus on reduction of salt and sugar in foods, the new savoury enhancing product means a potential 30% reduction in salt in recipes by giving an increased Umami note to the recipe.

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nutrineo is the name of the health food unit of Uelzena eG. The group employs about 663 people and has annual sales of more than € 526 Mio. nutrineo is a full service & solution provider and health food contract manufacturer for clients selling diet and sports nutrition products. 

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Tesco Food Academy

Tesco are a team of over 500,000 people in 12 global markets dedicated to providing the most compelling offer to our customers. Our operations in the UK are the largest within the group, with over 3300 stores and over 310,000 colleagues. 

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As one of the world's largest food manufacturers, Unilever are committed to tackling some of the world's biggest challenges : heart health, obesity, under-nutrition, food waste and sustainability of the food chain. 

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The Unilever Foundry

The Unilever Foundry provides a single entry-point for innovative start-ups seeking to partner with The Unilever Foundry, enabling the company’s global brands to experiment with and pilot new technologies more efficiently, effectively and speedily. It provides start-ups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and work on global projects, access mentoring from marketing professionals, and tap into funding through Unilever Ventures.

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Waitrose believes in taking a responsible approach to business. This includes treading lightly on the environment. As part of the Waitrose Way philosophy we are reducing packaging, waste, CO2 emissions and responsibly sourcing our food. 

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