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Omya International AG

Omya UK Ltd
Melton Office
Melton Bottom Road
North Ferriby
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU14 3HU

Omya is a global producer of calcium carbonate and a worldwide distributor of food ingredients.

Omya has developed a new generation of minerals: functionalized calcium carbonate - a multifunctional ingredient that functions as high-efficiency carrier, acts as novel functionalized excipient and shows controlled release properties. Further to this innovative new ingredient, Omya’s portfolio has been extended with a new range of Omya Calcipur - high-purity natural calcium carbonates with excellent whiteness that are especially suitable for fortification and a wide range of applications such as dairy-alternative drinks, extrusion and anti-caking aids.

Omya’s distribution portfolio ranges from natural colors through natural preservatives to solutions for salt reduction.