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Lucas Huber, Category Manager Proteins EAME, Taste & Wellbeing

Andreea Tolea, Technical Category Manager Proteins EAME, Taste & Wellbeing

Givaudan leads the way in the alternative protein movement

Flexitarians, reducetarians and plant-forward trends are driving changes in taste, culinary traditions and food consump-tion habits. Chefs, food service and retail businesses are rethinking their menus, centre of plate and products. As a re-sult, neither protein nor centre of plate will ever be the same!

Today, consumers expect alternative protein products to taste great and deliver on a number of other factors. Some are looking for authentic meatiness, fattiness and juiciness, as well as a texture that resembles meat; others are seeking an exciting taste and culinary experience.

Making an alternative protein product that exceeds consumer demands means understanding taste, texture, mouthfeel, colour, aroma and other product attributes. Givaudan can help you on your journey to develop plant-based products that consumers will love.

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