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Clasado Biosciences


The home of microbiome science-based developments in prebiotics for human health and wellbeing.

Clasado is a leading innovator in the field of galactooligosaccaride (GOS) technology delivering clinically proven prebiotic ingredients and consumer products aimed at gastrointestinal wellness for the food and healthcare sectors.

Clasado operates an extensive research and development programme in microbiome science, rapidly establishing itself as the leading company in gut wellness solutions

Among these is the patent-protected second generation galactooligosaccharide (GOS) Bimuno® which is suitable for use in a range of commercial applications including human food and dietary supplements. Bimuno is the result of intensive research & development dating back to 2000 and conducted in collaboration with globally recognised research institutes.

Product listing

Bimuno_DAILY Carton B 3d Right.jpg

Bimuno DAILY

Bimuno_IBAID Carton B 3d Right.jpg

Bimuno IBAID

Bimuno_TRAVELAID Carton B Right.jpg