Zhejiang Minghuang Natural Products Development Co., Ltd

No.36 Guangming Rd
Xiaonanhai Township
Longyou City
Website: www.minghuang-cn.com

Zhejiang Minghuang Natural Products Development Co Ltd is the earliest agricultural high-level science and technology enterprise with the largest export of Instant Tea in China. There are more than 10 varieties of Instant Tea products comprising Instant Green Tea, Instant Black Tea, Instant Oolong Tea, Instant Jasmine Tea and Instant Puer Tea etc., which can also be classified into two series - cold soluble and hot soluble covering more than 100 specifications. They are suitable for tea drink, tea food, solid beverage (such as milk tea, lemon tea, etc.) and for health foods for different companies' demands. The major products are exported to Europe and America, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and also favored by many domestic tea beverage cooperations.

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