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Yusa is a new Plant-Based RTD energy tea that’s actually over a thousand years old. It contains Guayusa – a leaf that’s just been approved for use in the EU. Hidden amongst the Amazon, it has been drunk by tribesmen to stay alert whilst hunting for centuries. Guayusa is the 2nd most caffeinated plant in the world, contains twice the antioxidants of green tea and is also responsible for the largest reforestation project in Ecuador, with 1.3 million trees planted so far. Aimed at the health-aware consumer looking for an energy lift, Yusa aims to bridge the gap between health and energy drinks. Being the 1st in the UK to use Guayusa, we have taken this ‘super-tea-leaf’ and only added water, plants and fruit juice to create a drink that is low in sugar, high in caffeine, high in antioxidants and provides a sustained energy lift without any crash or jitters.