Yogi & Yousef

Jan van Gentstraat 160
1171 GP Badhoevedorp
The Netherlands

Website: www.yogiyousef.com

Yogi & Yousef pick and package the world’s most delicious dates called Dalia Sukkary: soft, sweet and smooth with a creamy caramel taste. They come straight from the palm tree and are 100% natural: no additives, preservatives or added sugars.

Yogi (Dutch) & Yousef (Saudi) are two friends that would like to share the fruit that friendship across cultures yields. With our company we aim to build a bridge between the East and the West. With our dates we aim to provide people with a delicious healthy snack alternative. From farm to fork, we care about our dates; we pick, package, store and transport them ourselves.

Yogi & Yousef dates are available for retail, food service, wholesale and health food producers:

Retail & Food Service:
Snack box with 3 pitted soft dates
Round box with 14 soft dates
Raw vegan chocolate covered dates.
Raw bars

Extra Soft and Soft graded dates in 750 g and 3 kg cartons
Dates filled with goats cheese
Dates filled with cream cheese
Date tapenade

Health Food Producers:
Pitted Soft and Extra Soft dates
Date paste
Date syrup

Come and taste the Dalia Sukkary date: soft, sweet and smooth with a creamy caramel taste.

Product listing


Yogi & Yousef's Snackbox 3 pitted dates


Yogi & Yousef's round box with 14 dates


Yogi & Yousef's Extra Soft Dates


Yogi & Yousef's Chocolate Covered Dates

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