Yogan - Vegan & Organic Alternatives to Cheese

Company address:
Rua do Progresso, nº 140, Fracção BS
Vilarinho das Cambas
4760-841 Vila Nova de Famalicão

We are a company founded by two creative and hungry minds who could not find healthy and nutritious vegan alternatives to cheese. Eat a mixture of flour, oil and flavor enhancers to look like cheese? – Not for me!

We wanted to use a nutritious but also a locally grown ingredient as the base for our products, so we start using almonds to produce alternatives to cheese. They are full of vitamins and minerals, and when processed and fermented, they can replicate dairy products like a miracle! So, we started using dairy production techniques to produce yogurts and cheeses to be consumed by us, our friends and our family. The response has been so good and the requests so many (because the product is great!) that we are now present in the main healthy and organic stores and supermarkets.

We offer healthy and vegan alternatives to mozzarella, cottage and our most popular, Vegandelphia (alternatives to cream cheeses).

All of our products are in the market with one purpose, to be the healthiest and most nutritious vegan alternatives to cheese, and for that we do not take shortcuts, we use the most simple, nutritive and delicious ingredients, no added flavors or additives.

Product listing

Mozzarella Half Ball.250.jpg

Mozzarella Half Ball

Mozzarella Half Ball Garlic & Herbs.250.jpg

Mozzarella Half Ball Garlic & Herbs

Almond cream like cream cheese - natural.250.jpg

Almond cream like cream cheese - natural

Almond cream like cream cheese – with chives.250.jpg

Almond cream like cream cheese – with chives