Wish Snacks No Added Sugar

Wish Snacks
82 Artemisiou & Athamanias
121 35, Peristeri
Website: www.wish-snacks.gr

Wish... for Health and Pleasure

Wish Snacks No Added Sugar constitute a full product series of healthy nutritional products created in order to fulfil the Wish for Health & Pleasure!

They are designed by a scientific team of nutritionists and are made with natural raw materials (such as honey, dried fruits, nuts, tahini, cocoa and whole grains) of high nutritional value. They are rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants and satisfy the demands of a proper and balanced diet, which is the key to Wellness and Health.

Thanks to their natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, and alternative ingredients of high quality, Wish Snacks No Added Sugar acquit our daily pleasure and provide us with physical energy avoiding extra sugars, calories and saturated fats.

Wish Snacks No Added Sugar combine Taste, Pleasure and high Nutritional Value.

Suitable for anyone, they are the ideal choice for the whole family, for people who care for their diet because of diabetes or obesity and for those who play sports.

The family of Wish Snacks No Added Sugar includes:
o Wish Bars
o Wish Spread
o Wish Bite
o Wish Crunchy
o Wish ChocoDrink
o Wish Wafer Sticks
o Wish Chocolate
o Wish Biscuits

For further details, please visit www.wish-snacks.gr

Product listing

Apricot Natural Energy Bar.jpg

Apricot Natural Energy Bar no added sugar 30g

Chocolate & Plum Natural Energy Bar.jpg

Chocolate & Plum Natural Energy Bar no added sugar 30g

Cookies with Chocolate.jpg

Cookies Biscuits with chocolate chips no added sugar 90g

Cranberry Natural Energy Bar.jpg

Cranberry Natural Energy Bar no added sugar 25g

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