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Vivid - The Masters of Matcha

We source & develop natural products to sharpen your mind. As the UK’s number 1 Matcha brand our products are available nationwide in leading retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods and many more.

Our organic and ceremonial grade powder is from Kagoshima in Japan, an area renowned for its quality Matcha. The green tea leaves are triple shaded for up to three weeks to increase chlorophyll, boosting the leaf’s amino acid, antioxidant and L-theanine content which boosts alpha waves in the brain to promote concentration and a sustained, slow-release energy boost.

The Process

After the shading process our leaves are picked and then the stems, stalks and veins are removed so that only the greenest part of the leaf is left. Finally the leaf is ground into a fine powder by traditional stone mills.

Sharpen Your Mind

We believe your mind is your most important asset; a mind with focus and energy can achieve anything. While others obsess with physical health, we promote clarity, focus and cognitive performance. Sugar in energy drinks is proven to negatively impact the brain which is why all of our products are 100% unsweetened. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a lawyer behind a desk or an elite athlete your mind-set dictates your performance; that’s why we’ve captured the wisdom of Japanese Buddhist monks and samurai warriors in each of our cartons.

Our current Range includes ready to drink matcha in 4 great tasting flavours:
1. Original Unsweetened
2. Elderberry & Elderflower
3. Blueberry & Blackberry
4. Lime & Ginger

& a range of pure matcha powders:
1. 30g Matcha Pouch
2. A pack of 7 single serve sachets
3. 14 day matcha plan

Sharpen Your Mind – Think Vivid (Instagram @vividmatcha Twitter @vividdrinks)

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