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Vieve is a disruptive new protein water brand that launched in the UK in 2017. Our drink was developed over a period of 2 years with extensive trialing of flavours, protein combinations and ingredients. The aim was to create what we think, is the best tasting protein drink on the market. With 20g protein, zero sugar, no fat and no artificial flavours or colours, Vieve is a refreshing way for active men and women to get the protein their body needs for recovery, muscle growth and maintenance of healthy bones.

Vieve is different than most sports nutrition products in that is it is targeted at everyday active people as opposed to strictly bodybuilders or athletes. A recent report from Mintel suggests that while 60% of adults in the UK exercise at least once per week, only 28% use any kind of sports nutrition product. Our aim is to make sports nutrition more accessible to active men and women in the UK, while growing the category incrementally for retailers. We plan to do this by offering a tasty, hydrating, protein solution on the go without the added sugar or artificial flavours or colours.

Vieve is also the first sports nutrition product in the UK to receive Sugarwise certification and will be displaying at Food Matters live in the Sugarwise stand. Partnering with Sugarwise we hope to really drive awareness of the protein water category as a refreshing hydrating, sugar free alternative unlike anything else on the market.

We look forward to exhibiting at Food Matters Live in the Sugarwise stand. Any information please contact Rafael Rozenson:

Product listing

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Strawberry and Rhubarb

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Citrus, Apple and Mint

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Coconut Honey

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