Vedic Yogi

JL Holistics Ltd (t/a Vedic Yogi)
Pantiles Chambers
85 High Street
Tunbridge Wells

At Vedic Yogi we are passionate about the wisdom of the Vedic culture of India. We apply the principles of Ayurveda, “the Science of Life”, to develop all natural beverages that promote health and well-being. We use the highest grade Super Herbs, combined and dosed to bring about maximum benefits in a convenient grab-and-go form.

Our first product, Vedic Yogi Energy Drink, which is caffeine, sugar and chemical free, is currently selling through several channels and is gaining a following among people who aspire to an all-natural way of life but want the benefits of energy enhancement.

We have several other products in development which have been formulated to give different, specific benefits. As our brand becomes recognized as an authentic purveyor of high quality, Super-Herb based products, we continue to look for new partners to provide new routes to market in this exciting growth area.

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