Valio Ltd, Box 10, 00039 VALIO
Meijeritie 6, 00370 Helsinki, Finland |
Tel. +358 10381 121

Valio is a Nobel-Prize winning co-operative, founded in Finland in 1905. Owned by Finnish dairy farmers who believe in doing things the right way, we’ve been producing naturally delicious dairy products for more than 100 years. We feel that now is the right time to share our Fresh Finnish Thinking with UK consumers.
We at Valio are passionate, spirited and determined. We’re characterised by something the Finns call “sisu” –and it sits right at the heart of what it is to be truly Finnish. “Sisu” can best be described as a persistent determination and resolve to continue and overcome in the moment of adversity…an almost magical quality, a combination of stamina, perseverance, courage, and determination held in reserve for hard times.
We believe in the power of nature and this fuels our passion for innovation. Driven by “sisu” combined with a refusal to compromise, we ask questions of nature and of ourselves. It’s the answers to these questions that inspires new and exciting ideas, whilst always delivering great taste.

Product listing

Kefir Yoghurt.jpg

Valio Gefilus® Kefir yoghurt 400 g lactose free

Valio Finnish Cheddar with Valsa.jpg

Valio Finnish Mild Cheddar with ValSa®

Finnish Spreadable Butter.jpg

Valio Finnish Spreadable butter with ValSa®

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