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Troo Foods

Le Choix
The Bayle
CT20 1SQ

TrooFoods Ltd is the fastest growing prebiotic-based gut health company in Europe. We're on a mission to inspire people change their diets to live long, healthy & happy lives.

We do this in 4 ways:
1. By helping people UNDERSTAND the gut health science and the research – see our blog
2. By INSPIRING people to make better food choices (including getting closer to the recommended 30g of fibre per day)
3. By making it easy to buy and eat gut healthy food that is DELICIOUS & CONVENIENT
4. By allowing people to track the difference and SEE THE BENEFITS.

We launched Troo Granola, the first gut healthy cereal in plastic free packs in 2018, they are now available in Sainsburys, Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Milk & More and other outlets in the UK. Recently we have launched Troo Spoonful of Fibre, pure inulin syrup and Troo Porridge+, the first mood-boosting porridge range.

Product listing


Troo Granola Chocolate

troo seedy.png

Troo Granola Super Seedy

troo nutty.png

Troo Granola Nicely Nutty

RTE Multi.png

Troo Granola Multi