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TrooFoods Ltd is the only prebiotic-based gut health company in the UK. We launched Troo Granola, the first gut healthy cereal in plastic free packs earlier this year and will be sharing our latest innovation – Troo Spoonful of Fibre, pure inulin syrup at Food Matters Live.

Troo is a food brand that lives up to its name. Our non-negotiables are clear - Troo is:
• A gut health brand
• Focusing on prebiotics - the special plant fibre that feeds and nourishes your good gut bacteria
• 100% natural - contains no emulsifiers, preservatives or bad additives
• Really tasty, something people trooly enjoy
• In plastic-free packaging where we can - good for the world as well as you
• Honest, transparent, real, true - authentic to the core
• Fun, not too serious, bringing a smile to gut healthy eating
• From a company with a social conscience, aiming to leave a positive mark on the world

Honest, Good, Real, TROO.

Product listing


Troo Granola Chocolate

troo seedy.png

Troo Granola Super Seedy

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Troo Granola Nicely Nutty

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Troo Granola Multi