Trentino Sviluppo-Invest In Trentino

Trentino Sviluppo Spa – Via F.Zeni, 8 – Rovereto (TN) – Italy


Phone: +39 0464 443111

-Mauro Casotto
-Monica Carotta
-Massimo Zorzi

InvestInTrentino represents a composite hub, with the aim to attract new investments for local economic development. The diversification of key competences is the principal value of the organization, that can count on research, technology transfer, scouting, new business opportunities and startup incubation at the same time, in a small but innovative land.

InvestInTrentino is managed by Trentino Sviluppo, the development agency of the Trentino territory. The FDI(foreign direct investment) team accompanies the enterprises at all stages in the process leading to their establishment. It helps them search for skilled workforce, get in touch with research institutions, identify the most suitable areas and venues, engage with the public administration in order to get a licence, get access to credit or apply for a grant. Even fully-fledged enterprises are supported in the development of new projects, both in terms of research and the technological and organisational development.
In its business innovation centres, Trentino Sviluppo hosts companies and startups and fosters networking, technology transfer, connections and projects with the research centres of the territory, including Fondazione Edmund Mach, that operates in the key sectors of agriculture, environment and food, CIBIO, the Centre for Integrative Biology, and COSBI, the Center for Computational and Systems Biology that explores the connections between metabolic processes and nutrition and HIT.

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