TIPA-Corp Ltd.
HaNagar 3
Hod Hasharon, Israel

TIPA is on a mission to change plastic waste history.

TIPA has developed breakthrough fully compostable flexible packaging solutions. Inspired by Earth’s natural packaging, TIPA provides with packaging that breaks down entirely into compost in the same biodegradation process as organic waste. The company is committed to converting all industrial flexible plastic to TIPA’s compostable packaging, such that plastic will no longer linger in landfills for hundreds of years, but will biodegrade within months in a sustainable end-of-life process.

TIPA solutions were designed with the goal of achieving a circular economy through a true recycling process. TIPA works closely with businesses of all types to design and provide packaging ideal for their specific application, which ranges from fresh produce and snacks to magazines and apparel. TIPA operates on a global scale and their compostable polymer technology is applicable worldwide.

An estimated 8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic have been produced in the world until now, nearly 70% of which has been used only once before being discarded into landfills and open ecosystems. TIPA is thus actively replacing conventional plastic with viable compostable solutions in an active attempt to end plastic pollution.

Packaging, food and fashion industries are tackling this problem head on by utilizing TIPA’s eco-friendly solutions, whose packaging can be found in high-end online retail stores, conventional-plastic-free supermarkets, as well as local farms.

he world is transitioning into implementing sustainable solutions, as we realize how feasible it is to replace conventional plastic with a compostable alternative. TIPA’s technology is revamping the industry, providing a solution where there wasn’t one before.