Tierhoek Organic

Tierhoek Farm
PO Box 832
Western Cape
South Africa
Website: www.tierhoekorganic.co.za

We are a family-run “Farm to Fork” business which believes in the principles of quality, integrity, innovation and teamwork.

Our jams and dried fruit take you back to those simple, delicious days when your grandmother baked fresh bread layered with home-made jam and offered you dried fruit still bursting with flavour.

We use sun-ripened fruit from our own organic farm to produce a range of certified organic sulphur free dried fruit and fruit filled jams. What we cannot grow we source from other, local organic farmers.

In a ground-breaking, innovative development we recently launch a range of non-organic, sulphur free fruit and jam under The Fruit Cellar label. This compliments our organic selection offering customers more delicious, sulphur free dried South African fruit and ensuring the sustainability of our business and those families it supports.

No sulphur, no preservatives just healthy, delicious produce full of natural goodness produced by a team of dedicated women.

We Grow it, Make it, Pack it, Love it. This is what we do……pure and simple.

Bruce, Alison and the Tierhoek Team

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