The Vegetarian Butcher

The Vegetarian Butcher
Jagerskade 17
3552 TL Utrecht
The Netherlands

The Vegetarian Butcher, founded by Dutch organic farmer Jaap Korteweg, distinguishes itself through its range of new-generation meat and fish substitutes that, according to top chefs and culinary journalists are often mistaken for the original.

We offer about 20 meat-like products like our famous Mc2 Burger, Vegetarian Bratwurst, Chicken Chunks, Sausage Rolls & Fish Free Tuna. Our ideal is to have meat enthusiasts experience the meat free products to realise they don’t have to miss out on anything. We are dedicated to become the biggest butcher worldwide!

Product listing

Vegetarian Chicken Chunks.jpg

Vegetarian Chicken Chunks

Vegetarian Smoked Bacon Bits.jpg

Vegan Smoked Bacon Bits

Vegetarian mc2 Burger.jpg

Vegetarian mc2 Burger

Vegetarian Meatballs.jpg

Vegetarian Meatballs

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