The Felix Project


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Registered Charity No. 1168183

Each year the UK food industry generates 1.9 million tonnes of avoidable food waste, which equates to £4.5bn worth of food. There are also high levels of food poverty in London. The Felix Project is a charity founded in 2016 that aims to reduce both the amount of food waste and food poverty in London. What we do is simple - we collect surplus food from a variety of food suppliers (supermarkets, wholesalers, cafes, farms etc.) and, after ensuring it is of a quality high enough to be used, deliver it to charities and schools across London, completely free of charge. The charities and schools we deliver to use the food to cook meals, provide snacks/food parcels or make it available on market stalls for pupils and their families to take home to enjoy. By redistributing food that would otherwise go to waste to charities and schools, we are saving food and supporting schools and charities to change lives. Because we do not charge for our deliveries, we are also saving charities money that they can divert to other areas of their services.