The Consortium First In Sicily

Via Tramontana 28/F
90144 Palermo
Tel: +39 0655 754 0827

The Consortium is formed by the best Sicilian companies that aim at supplying the consumer high standard quality products. The companies of this Consortium, leaders in their own selling sectors, have been very good at combining their long family tradition with multi-year experience in the choice of best raw materials and production methods with continued research in new technologies of management and updated processing techniques. This is the best solution to give the consumer the highest quality product which traces back its origin from its ancestral tradition and that at the same time is able to cope with the changing needs of the consumer. All the companies of the Consortium supplì genuine and unique products. FRATELLI CONTORNO company is leader in the field of farmfood preserving industry of typical traditional products that only the beloved Sicily can give us. FRATELLI MADONIA produce the best oil with intense and unique flavour rich in floral aromas. GANGI DANTE produce aromatic herbs, spices, seeds, cereals, forage and pasture for a selection of bovines bred and fed with their own yield. Their passion, supported by qualified Sicilian employees, creates authentic scents of Sicily in your kitchen. LE AFRINE DEI NOSTRI SACCHI produces flours and gluten free products; These mixtures were born aiming at cooking good baked products. They are 17 and are different from each other, very well studied for every single product. The innovation the company presents is introducing some food like pasta, soft bread, savory pizza, crunchy biscuits, confectioneries, Sicilian cannoli, French pastries, that miss in the coeliac diet. TALATTA anchovies are elaborated following the most authentic artisanal tradition and by implementing a rigorous quality control system. TERRAVECCHIA selects and distributes conventional legumes, Bio and Biodynamic, as well as the famous chickpea flour used to prepare the Palermitan Panelle; n order to meet the new demands and needs of the market the company has created a line of pasta 100% made by legume. MESSICAN CAFFE: The owners of this company are artisans of coffee since the sixties and have always worked with uncompromising quality. COMAL: Processing of olives and preserved in oil products

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