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Research physician, Dr Hua He, and global food & drink innovator, Sophia Nadur, are on a mission to change what we all drink, for the better. They co-founded the drinks startup to offer a new category of drinks that is nutritionally sound, affordable, and innately beneficial to us at different life stages & lifestyles i.e. Tg green tea. It's bootstrapped from their London/Hertfordshire base.

The British bottled and award-winning teas have three unique features, namely (i) real brewed green tea without the addition of taste enhancers nor artificial sweeteners, (ii) they contain less than 2.5g sugar / 100ml and are only 30 calories per 330ml bottle, and (iii) real brewed green tea is blended with ginseng and other fruit & botanicals that all originate from 4,000 year old Middle Kingdom wellness traditions.

Tg is designed to help wean us off our sugar crush without compromising on taste, functionality, and our daily habits. That this drink is also shortlisted for a Food Matters Live 2017 Innovative 'Better for You' Product of the Year Award is a nod to our mission and our intent.

Our drinks are Vegan certified by The Vegan Society and Sugarwise certified as very low in sugar. They meet Government Buying Standards (GBS) for nutrition and GBS criteria for including SMEs in food & drink procurement. Our drinks also meet CQUIN 2017-2019 nutritional requirements. Tg green tea is made in Cambridgeshire so not only do the drinks taste great but with each variant containing no more than 7 ingredients, you can be assured of a high quality, transparent, and tasty drink.

Product listing

Original A3.jpg

Tg green tea with ginseng

Mandarin A3.jpg

Tg green tea with mandarin & ginseng

Jujube A3.jpg

Tg green tea with jujube & ginseng

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