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TasteTech have 25 years’ experience creating highly effective flavourings and encapsulated functional ingredients for the food industry including nutrition, bakery and confectionery.

Within the nutrition industry we recognise that there are different consumers with diverse needs and have a team of specialists on hand to help advise the best way to mask unwanted tastes, control the release of ingredients and improve product functionality.

Our flavourings are designed to mask the off notes and bitterness found in raw materials. We are experts in the creation and production of high-quality, bespoke, natural flavourings that are perfectly suited to many applications across the industry.

TasteTech’s encapsulated controlled release functional ingredients enables our customers to mask unwanted tastes, improve stability and control the release of the active ingredient. If you are experiencing issues with ingredients in your formulations, please get in touch to learn how encapsulation can solve the problem.

Visit our stand and talk to us about using our flavourings and encapsulated ingredients to enhance your product range.

Product listing

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TasteTech Flavours That Pack a Punch

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TasteTech Controlled Release Functional Ingredients

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Bake Stable Flavourings

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TasteTech Raising Agents