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Tel: +33 1 72 48 84 57
Address: Zone d'activités Nativelle, Bat 4bis
1 Chemin de Saulxier
91160 Longjumeau

TargEDys is a French clinical and commercial stage biotech company. It is one of the pioneers in microbiome research in Europe. TargEDys uses its unique knowledge of microbiome, molecular mimicry and the gut-brain axis to develop and manufacture innovative nutritional and therapeutic solutions to regulate appetite and control metabolic diseases.

The first technology, ProbioSatys®, is based on the capacity of Hafnia alvei 4597 to produce a protein (ClpB) that is a mimetic of satiety hormone alpha-MSH. It is designed to moderate the appetite of overweight people and it was proven in several animal models, consumer study and the clinical study is ongoing. The preclinical results have shown reduction of food intake, improvement of body composition, weight loss, lipolysis activation, and improvement of blood glucose levels.

In December 2018, TargEDys successfully launched EnteroSatys®, the first product based on ProbioSatys® technology. It is a dietary supplement based on Hafnia alvei 4597, Zinc and Chrome. Result of over 15 years of extensive research, it is now available in pharmacies in France and online (