Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event



Angie Lang

Healthy lives start with a smile. So we make healthy drinks, developed by a dentist, backed by science, that taste great with unique functional benefits for oral health.

We are an innovation company focussed on providing smile friendly beverage options. Sugary and acidic drinks are the main cause for dental problems. Low and no sugar options and even many bottled waters are acidic and contribute to poor oral health including dental decay and acid erosion.

Over a third of people are unhappy with their own smiles, there is a growing number of health conscious consumers and no drink previously addressed the “oral health” segment.

Our philosophy is to provide sugar free, pH neutral drinks with no artificial ingredients, all backed by science.

We aim is to contribute to an improvement in global oral health by being the go-to beverage company for people who seek tasty beverage options and healthy living.

Product listing

Swirlit Cinnamon with green tea.jpg

Swirlit Cinnamon

Swirlit Peach with green tea.jpg

Swirlit Peach

Swirlit Rose with green tea.jpg

Swirlit Rose

Swirlit blueberry with black tea.jpg

Swirlit Blueberry