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The Salumificio Suppa’s production includes a rich variety of specialities, each with its own peculiarity of genuineness and goodness, but all realised with the same criteria. Only high quality meat is chosen, by an accurate selection of animal fed in a certain way and from precise stock farming, specific techniques, inspection and supervision to guarantee quality certified by HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). An excellent product needs a sublime meat! For this reason, the Suppa Family selects one by one the meats used for the production with care and attention, by only choosing the suppliers that respect the values of quality and genuineness, the breeding and feeding methods of the bovine chosen in order to deliver a high quality product. Beef sausages and salamis produced perfectly respect all the rules and procedures of the Halal method. The slaughtering of animals is done, according to the Islamic procedure and treatment, with relative Certificate that confirms that. The beef meat is, then, labelled by a progressive lot number and sausages are made in the following way: Meat is minced using an appropriate mincing machine, then salt, pepper, natural flavours and preservatives are added. After that, the beef meat is mixed. When it is ready, sausages and salamis are made according to the size of the synthetic bowels. After preparation is completed, sausages and salamis are hanged for a short time in room at an ambient temperature in order to let they dry. When ready, salamis are put in a maturing room at the requested temperature. When the maturing process has concluded, products are packed in apposite vacuum food bags. All our sausages and salamis are labelled with a lot number, CE regulations and Halalitalia logo (The Official Italian Institution for Halal Certification for Italia n Companies).

Product listing

Halal Beef Nduja.jpg

Halal Beef ‘Nduja

Halal Cured Mutton Leg.jpg

Halal Cured Mutton Leg

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