Stute Foods

Stute House
Sunderland Place
Bristol BS8 1EG

Stute Foods is a family company that was founded in the UK back in 1969. The company has since grown to become a leading supplier of superior quality food and drink products worldwide. We have always taken pride in offering not only great-tasting products but in building long-lasting relationships and trust with our customers both in the UK and internationally.

We produce a high-quality diverse range of products that includes jams, marmalades, juices, juice drinks and spreads, using only the finest natural ingredients so you can be confident they will taste great time and time again.
All 8 varieties of Stute’s No Sugar Added Jams and Marmalades are Sugarwise certified and contain 90% less sugar and 30% fewer calories than ordinary jams.
We understand our responsibility to our customers to provide products that are natural and in-keeping with a healthy lifestyle. That’s why you won’t find any artificial preservatives, artificial colourings or artificial flavourings in Stute products, we simply don’t believe in them.

Product listing

STUTE Thick Cut Orange Marmalade.jpg

Stute No Sugar Added Thick Cut Orange Marmalade

STUTE Fine Cut Orange Marmalade.jpg

Stute No Sugar Added Fine Cut Orange Marmalade

STUTE Strawberry.jpg

Stute No Sugar Added Strawberry Jam

STUTE Raspberry.jpg

Stute No Sugar Added Raspberry Jam

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