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Smart Salt Oy

Jyrki Heinimo - CEO
T: +358 44 729 8070

Smart Salt® is a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional salt. Smart Salt®’s unique, patented formula provides the great taste of ordinary table salt with the added health benefits of potassium and magnesium. Smart Salt® tastes, looks, handles and functions like salt which makes it the best choice for consumers, restaurants and large scale food processeors.
Smart Salt® technology has undergone extensive industrial application research and commercial-scale manufacturing. It is particularly successful in the more difficult applications that rely on preservation and textural characteristics of salt such as bread, meat and cheese – the major contributors to sodium in the diet.
Smart Salt® also has a proven track record in the catering and restaurant trade as a reduced sodium alternative to table salt. It’s ideal for front - and back - of- house catering in spice and seasoning blends. Proprietary blends of Smart Salt® are available for use in table top, sachets and catering packs.
Smart Salt® is a flexible sodium reduction technology which means that there is flexibility with its composition resulting in improved cost-efficiency in use. Governmental sodium targets can be met while minimising cost issues associated with salt reduction