Sibelius Limited
26 Beaumont Street
United Kingdom

Sibelius is a natural products testing company that is able to test nutraceutical and cosmeceutical compounds for anti-ageing properties on ChronoscreenTM, our proprietary screening platform. Age is a major risk-factor in many human diseases, and Sibelius is committed to identifying natural products that can impact the cellular ageing program, and delay the onset of these age-related conditions, to improve people’s health-span and extend the period of time that they can enjoy a high quality of life.

ChronoscreenTM combines a phenotypic screen, which measures the effect of treatments on the lifespan of the model organism C. elegans, with subsequent characterisation of gene expression responses, to gain a deeper understanding of the activity of compounds of interest for our internal development efforts as well as for our clients’. The platform was central to the development and successful launch of SIBELIUS: Sage for Seniors; a product containing an extract from the Sage plant that was clinically shown to improve cognitive performance in older adults, and which was a finalist in the New Product category at Natural and Organic in April 2017 in London

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