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The unique cultural and natural diversity of the Amazon rainforest is the divine inspiration behind SELVATICA. We proudly produce fruit and herbal infusions consisting of 100% all-natural ingredients. We use only the finest and purest techniques in our production and packing process, including kind to the environment biodegradable packaging materials.

Quality herbs and wild superfood fruits from the Amazon rainforest provide the basis for our aromatic infusions. Careful and sustainable production and harvesting methods have been used by the local rural communities who supply us with the raw materials. They appreciate the value of standing forests, understanding the potential of generating green jobs benefitting their families and the environment. Every day we are building on our longterm goal of making a real and positive contribution to the conservation of the Amazonian rainforest.

At the core of our products are previously untapped, unearthed flavors and significant nutritional values, combined with a truly authentic experience from the depths of the Amazonian rainforest.

Product listing

01 Açai - Standard.png

Açai Origenes – Standard Presentation

02 Camu Camu - Standard.png

Camu Camu Origenes – Standard Presentation

03 Copoazú - Standard.png

Copoazú Origenes – Standard Presentation

04 Arazá - Standard.png

Arazá Origenes – Standard Presentation

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