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Secret Gardens brings to you the benefits of what Mother Nature has to offer at it’s purest. All our products are certified organic and combine amazing taste and health properties, just as nature intended. Secret Gardens is dedicated to creating unique products making the most of favourable raw resources.

What is Organic Pomegranate Essence:
Explore the taste of the Mediterranean with Secret Gardens Organic Pomegranate Essence. Made to the recipe of what is traditionally known as Nar Ekşisi. This authentic recipe combines the finest blends of sun-kissed pomegranates which are handpicked from the unique region of Antakya in Turkey. Thanks to it’s location and soil richness, every drop is filled with a distinctive delicious sweet tangy taste and aroma. Our pomegranates are gently simmered for hours to leave behind the purest and richest flavoured syrup which is used to compliment the natural flavours of many foods, and most commonly used as a salad dressing; so add instead of citrus or vinegar. It’s also great to marinade all types of fish, meats and poultry.

Perfect for:
Secret Gardens Organic Pomegranate Essence is a very versatile ingredient that everyone should have to hand in their kitchens. It is perfect as a salad dressing, marinade, condiment & as a supplement. Get creative and toss into any dish from salads to mains. Bring your favourite finger foods to life with a side of our delicious sauce. For the health conscious amongst us, add an extra spring in your step and treat yourself to a spoonful a day to reap the amazing benefits this antioxidant filled product has to offer.

Product listing

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Organic Pomegranate Essence

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Secret Gardens Organic Pomegranate Crush

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