SCI Food Group

14/15 Belgrave Square
United Kingdom

The SCI Food Group applies a multidisciplinary approach to the science and technology of food, to promote innovation and advance the commercial application of science into industry.
The interests of the Group are wide-ranging and its members include physicists, chemists, microbiologists, nutritionists, sensory analysts, food producers and manufacturers, policy makers and students. The Group provides a forum to disseminate research and the latest technical developments and applications to the relevant industries. It also provides networking opportunities for people involved in the food industry around the world.
The Food Group is part of SCI’s Agri-Food Hub, which provides access to a valuable network of SCI members involved in all aspects of the food chain stretching from inputs to crop production to food retailing. We welcome anyone from all parts of the sector, with all levels of experience, prepared to contribute ideas, opinions and contacts or organise activities.
The groups especially welcomes younger members who want to diversify their network, develop connections and organisational and leadership skills, as well as gain new knowledge, which they can take back to their organisations or apply to their research.

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