Salsicharia da Gardunha

Zona Industrial do Fundão
Lote 106,107,108
Apartado 1051
6230 Fundão

Salsicharia da Gardunha - daGardunha – is a Portuguese company that creates uniquely flavoured charcuterie products based on local and family traditions and history, always committed to our values and consumers.

It is our business being a company with passion for creating charcuterie products that bring identity, history, happiness and convenience day to day, based on sustainable responsibility, and at affordable prices to everyone.

Our products are the result of the unique characteristics of Fundão region, Portugal. The history, the tradition and the culture are the sources of inspiration for the development of our unique and tasty recipes. The weather conditions allow the development of exclusive products. By tasting Enchidos e Presuntos do Fundão, you will be getting involved in our history. Because the safety of our products is a daily concern, we are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO22000, and will be soon implementing the IFS in order to guarantee not only a tasty but also a safe product on our consumers tables.

Is our nature to offer to our clients enthralling products distinguished by unique recipes and flavours, and a range that fits our consumer needs and expectations in order to save time and deliver healthy, high-quality products.

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