Royal Buisman

Royal Buisman
Postbus 19
The Netherlands

Royal Buisman is a specialty producer of natural caramelised sugars. Our special process leads to caramelised sugars with beautiful colour tones and above all particular flavour components.

In baking our ingredients are used to improve flavour, colour and texture without gluten, acrylamide or E numbers being added, fully fitting in the trend of clean label.

In bread our caramelised sugars enrich the flavour and colour profile of “off-white”, wholegrain or multi-grain breads. Next to enriching the flavour and colour, using our ingredient often leads to welcome cost-savings as an alternative for malt.

In fine bakery, the Royal Buisman caramelised sugars are used to intensify flavours and increase the visual attractiveness. They are used in gingerbread cookies to intensify and round the flavour impact of herbs and spices. Particularly products containing cacao, such as chocolate cake and brownies, are enriched with our caramelised sugars, creating a unique flavour profile.
Recently our R&D technologists successfully developed a tool to replace sugar in i.e. digestive cookies fitting in today’s hot topic of lowering sugar intake.

“The success of brands and products starts with creating a difference, a signature. Our naturally caramelised sugars strengthen the signature of bread, cookies, muffins and cacao-based products. Adding our signature to yours.”

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