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Rerum Consultancy Ltd offers a wealth of commercial experience of more than 20 years in the Food Ingredients, Nutraceuticals & FMCG industry. At Rerum Consultancy, we support brand owners into seeking greater category insight, and also advise partner companies in developing new products (commercialization) to sell or market them in the way that is needed in today’s market place. Rerum also helps build ingredient companies, within the food industry to develop their brands. With our knowledge surrounding worldwide manufacturing industries, we can develop partnerships between the manufacturer and new product developments.

Currently Rerum Consultancy represents company’s in savoury flavours, caramels, whey proteins, beta carotenes, vitamins A, D2/D3, E, natural colours, organic feed products and other areas. Rerum Consultancy are currently helping start-ups and growing businesses to raise business finance by investing via equity or outright purchases in the ingredient market place. Rerum Consultancy also does consultations for Third Bridge and AlphaSights in the area of Food Ingredients, Nutraceuticals & FMCG Industry from time to time.

As a solution provider Rerum Consultancy offers the following:

• Professional representation for all food ingredients, nutraceuticals, manufacturing industries & FMCG market
• Innovation in new product development
• Project Management
• Marketing & Brand development
• Category invigoration
• Consumer insight building
• Strategic planning
• Identifying and conducting in-depth research on potential business acquisitions in the manufacturing industry (FMCG & Ingredients)

Rerum Consultancy Ltd a peace of mind service – a single point of contact.

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