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27 Old Gloucester Street,

Ready Raw is on a mission to make healthy snacking - delicious, enjoyable and convenient, especially for those on the go and for those who loves to eat bread and crackers but prefer to avoid wheat and gluten.

Ready Raw's range of artisan Bagels reflects the diversity of plant based foods; Raw, Sprouted, 100% organic and dehydrated below 46C/115F to preserve nutrients - NOT cooked or baked. Made from sprouted seeds, the range promotes a ketogenic diet which features low carbohydrates (supporting healthy blood sugar levels) which is recognized as a leading cause of obesity and diabetes. The benefits include:
• Weight loss
• Reduced hunger
• Better control over insulin and blood sugar
• Lower risk for heart disease
• Reduced risk for certain types of cancer

Bread and crackers are usually the first to be eliminated when starting a health reboot, this is where Ready Raw is a game changer! Our range of bread products and crackers are HEALTHY and delicious.

By replacing fast carbohydrates (such as wheat, rice, potato, grains, tapioca or corn) with low-glycemic fresh fruits, vegetables, seaweed and nutrient rich sprouted seeds, these supercharged bites are packed with fibre, protein, vitamins & minerals and Omega 3 fats.

Rich in enzymes and easy to digest, the Mini Bagels and Bagel Bites even promote healthy gut function. The organic flax seeds and psyllium husks naturally aid detoxification.

Our packaging is cellulose based, 100% biodegradable, home compostable and marine degradable, environment conscious ~thereby reducing waste and improving sustainability.

The Ready Raw bagel range is FREE FROM:
• NO Preservatives AND NO additives
• With NO added sugar or salt.

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