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Unit 6D Atlas Business Centre
Oxgate Lane
Jack Nyber
T. 0208 455 7766
M. 07950678246

We are a business built by our passionate founder who was brought up at home on a high sugar diet. This led him to develop a sweet tooth and as he grew older, he became more aware of the problem that sugar can have on our health. He is now on a mission to reduce sugar intake while keeping the pleasant taste profile and avoiding the use of chemicals. We have found that our customers have tried sweeteners from other brands but eventually fall back into their old habits of consuming sugar; as the natural sweeteners available harbour a bitter aftertaste that many find difficult to stomach. Puresweet is a brand which focuses on various Natural Sweeteners and Natural Sugar Free products. Our staple sweetener is Puresweet Zero and we are currently developing a wider range for the future. As of 2019 the following natural sweeteners are available in our range: Puresweet Zero, Puresweet Icing, Puresweet Stevio, and our Puresweet Shuga is currently in the pipeline. We have also developed some additional products such as Puresweet Hunnee which is a honey alternative and Puresweet Sherbet which will be available from early 2020. As a goal driven business, we aim to have the best customer satisfaction and deliver for our customers the products with the taste they are so desperately looking for. We invite you on our journey and look forward to new opportunities at Puresweet.

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Puresweet Zero