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Prowexx Ltd

Address: 16 Steele Rd, Chiswick, London W4 5AF
Phone: +44 208 987 7306
Twitter: prowexx_uk
Instagram: prowexx_uk
LinkedIn: prowexx

Prowexx is a London based start-up connecting the British food buyers’ community with suppliers worldwide. Our web-based platform facilitates product discovery, making connections with new producers and standardises the communication with those partners. Automation and efficiency differentiate us from manual processes and improve user experience even when dealing with existing suppliers.

Prowexx services both the buyers’ community and the suppliers and is therefore de-facto a marketplace. For UK buyers, we help them move away from unsystematic relationships with suppliers and old-fashioned communication channels. They can use the platform to discover new suppliers and products, communicate through a robust and complete system, use the data repository for trackability and importantly place orders in a quick and standardised manner.

For Suppliers, Prowexx provide a complete solution to be able to reach the UK market, understand its dynamics, showcase the products in an elegant manner, have access to trusted service providers and be put in front of new clients. Whether distributors, Horeca channels or independent retailers, the audience is large and diversified and aims to make purchasing decisions via the platform.