Pronatec AG
Stegackerstrasse 6
CH-8409 Winterthur

Driven by passion and a pioneering spirit, PRONATEC offers the best organic raw materials on the market, a commitment which has yielded outstanding results.

PRONATEC offers a broad range of organic products and an unrivalled service for the global food industry. With our own agronomists and engineers in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Paraguay and Madagascar, we are able to guarantee consistently high quality and 100% traceability. Daily contact with the producers means that we are able to answer customer enquiries quickly and competently. In addition to being certified to European organic standards (EC 834/2007), PRONATEC’s products have the following qualifications: NOP, Bio Suisse, Demeter, Naturland, Naturland Fair, Fairtrade (FLO), Fair for Life (FFL), UTZ and Kosher.

Match Hub-Spot:
Half Day 1-5pm Tuesday 20th November

Product listing

Couverture and cocoa mass 250 x 250.jpg

Chocolate Couvertures

White couverture 250 x 250.jpg

White Chocolate Couverture

Cocoa powder 250 x 250.jpg

Cocoa powder

Sugar Syramena and Sucanat 250 x 250.jpg

Sugar Syramena