Promovita by Dairy Crest

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Promovita® is a brand from Dairy Crest - The uk’s leading british dairy company

Dairy Crest functional ingredients business produces and sells demineralised whey, Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and other added value dairy ingredients.

In partnership with Fonterra, the world’s leading dairy exporter, these products are sold to infant formula manufacturers globally under Fonterra’s SureStart brand name.

Demineralised whey is added to infant formula as a protein and carbohydrate source for growth and development. GOS is a prebiotic soluble fiber which has been shown to help aid digestive health and immunity.

In addition to selling GOS into the infant formula space, Dairy Crest is driving GOS under its brand name Promovita® in other categories, for example in foods such as e.g. yoghurts, dairy beverages, cereals & nutritional supplements.

Promovita® GOS is an unique dietary soluble prebiotic fibre, which apart from promoting good gut health gives food manufacturers a number of formulating opportunities ranging from the ability to replace sugars to mitigating syneresis in yoghurts, but also facilitating customers to have a clean label and on the shelf differentiation.

Underpinning all of this is Dairy Crest’s extensive R&D programme which includes efficacy trials to further understand the potential benefits of GOS.

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