Prodigy Snacks Ltd

Prodigy Snacks Ltd is a new ‘better for you’ chocolate and biscuit brand. Our objective is to have chocolate and biscuits products for the mainstream market, which are made from clean natural ingredients which are nutritionally beneficial. Our nostalgic range will evoke the same chocolate pleasure reborn.

Prodigy Snacks Ltd was founded by Sameer Vaswani a Food Entrepreneur with 22 year’s experience in various sectors of the food industry.

Product listing

Prodigy 4.png

Chunky Milk Chocolate by Prodigy

Prodigy 6.png

Chunky Hazelnut Chocolate by Prodigy

Prodigy 3.png

Chocolate Digestives by Prodigy

Prodigy 5.png

Chunky Orange Chocolate by Prodigy