Probi AB

Company address and contact

Sölvegatan 41
SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden
Phone +46 46 286 89 20

Probi is a world leader within probiotics - dedicated to probiotics only.

Our vision is to contribute to healthier life by delivering effective and well-documented probiotics, with proven health benefits based on scientific research. Probi offers probiotic expertise and partnership all the way from R&D to finished products for companies within the consumer healthcare and food industry.

Probi's probiotic strains are offered for use in Functional food products and a wide range of different applications are available. Our expertise can be applied within several food & beverage categories including chilled beverages, chilled dairy products, chilled plant based products, frozen desserts, powder formulas and confectionary. We support you with our expertise and can help you develop product applications to meet your specific consumer need in your market.

Founded by scientists in Sweden 1991, Probi is a multinational company with 4 centers of excellence, active in more than 40 markets around the world and holding over 400 patents worldwide.

Product listing

Probiotics for beverages.250.png

Probiotics for beverages

Probiotics for chilled fermented milk and yogurt.250.png

Probiotics for chilled fermented milk and yogurt

Probiotics for fermented plant-based products.250.png

Probiotics for fermented plant-based products

Probiotics for Powder applications.250.png

Probiotics for Powder applications