PPL Insights

Product Perceptions Limited
Windsor Place
Faraday Road
RH10 9TF

PPL Insights (formerly product perceptions) is partner to some of the world’s largest food and drink manufacturers and retailers.
We have a successful track record in working with our partners to develop and optimise their concepts and products, as well as their range potential, pricing, packaging and positioning.
Our expertise in international markets is extensive with co-ordination, management and analysis also being particular specialities.
We offer both strategic and tactical bespoke research solutions using:
• Descriptive sensory panels; QDA®, Napping, Rapid Profiling, Difference Testing (Triangle / Tetrad), TDS, Sensory Signature, Sensory Fusion
• Qualitative and quantitative consumer research; Concept Product Tests, Product Benchmarking, Optimisation, Value Engineering, Product Tolerances, Cliff Testing
We add value to our analysis using sophisticated statistical tools including: TURF, penalty analysis, correspondence analysis, Bayesian Networks, Preference Mapping and PLS Modelling.