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POP Power of Peanuts

POP is all about celebrating the heroic power of the humble peanut. We make super tasty bars from super hero nuts. We only use whole air-roasted peanuts for their taste, health and environmental benefits.
Peanut farming uses 16 times less water than almond farming and peanuts fix nitrogen into the soil, meaning they need less fertiliser to thrive.
Peanuts literally save lives. They’re the main ingredient in RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food), a life-saving supplement used to treat severe malnutrition. We proudly give 1% of turnover to Project Peanut Butter, a charity working to eradicate famine in Africa.
POP bars are made with whole air roasted peanuts, 7 grams of protein, lots of prebiotic fibre and 40% less sugar. We never use palm oil and we’re vegan friendly and gluten free. That's the Power of Peanuts.