Pennotec is a small Welsh food technology and biotechnology company that is at the forefront in developing and supporting the Circular Economy for food manufacturing.

Pennotec's technical experts work with food manufacturers to identify potentially high value functional food ingredients in food processing waste streams and lead collaborative research investigations into the natural extraction and purification of these functional ingredients for sale into food, feed and non-food markets. Using a proprietary, biotechnology platform, Pennotec’s scientists can extract functional food ingredients that would otherwise be discarded - with minimum impact on the environment.

Some examples of functional ingredients extracted from food processing by-products streams include; fat-mimicking dietary fibres, natural preservatives for enhancing the shelf life of fresh produce and natural colourants to provide a natural source of food colouring.

We would welcome discussions with food producers and manufacturers who are keen extract more value and minimise the volume of waste generated by their operations.

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