PB Leiner is one of the world’s leading gelatin and collagen producers with production sites in Asia, Europe, North and South America. We tailor our solutions to customers working in food, pharma, beauty and health markets.

PB Leiner provides a complete range of high-quality collagen peptides under SOLUGEL® brand name. Bioactive SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are available with different functional properties and can be based on different raw materials, which include halal, kosher and pasture-raised products. The latest premium offer SOLUGEL® Dissolution Series features products with neutral flavor and taste, as well as excellent dissolution. SOLUGEL® collagen peptides can help to provide the nutritional and/or functional properties that are necessary to create new, innovative and healthy food products.

At this year’s Food Matters Live we will present you innovative product concepts featuring our premium bioactive SOLUGEL® collagen peptides and trendy ingredients. The product concepts are aimed at active men and women, both professional athletes and lifestyle users. They were developed in line with the latest consumer trends and popular product formats and ingredients. Stop by our stand (C29) to meet our experts and check out our collagen peptides water, collagen sports gel, beauty drink, and many more!

Product listing

Beauty Collagen Drink 250x250.jpg

Beauty collagen drink

Collagen Whey Protein Shake 250x250.jpg

Collagen whey protein shake

SOLUGEL Stick Packs (2).jpg

Pure collagen on-the-go stick packs

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Pure collagen jars