Address: Simon Scotland Road,
Hardwick Industrial Estate,
Kings Lynn, Norfolk,
PE30 4JF

P-Build are specialist suppliers of pea proteins, flours, starches and fibres to food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.

We have been extremely successful in replacing soy, rusk, egg and milk in sausages, burgers, sauces and soups, ready meals and breaded and crumbed products, and have mince and chunk texturised pieces that will act as an extremely effective meat replacement. All of our texturised products can be provided in a natural flavour profile format but are highly absorbent, allowing them to take on flavours which will last and extend through any cooking process. Already sold as an ingredient for food processors, we are now working with the major retailers and manufacturers on own label and envisage a branded launch in the very near future. With variations for gluten free pasta and noodle production already being sold to the industry, we have the ideal product for anyone wishing to eliminate gluten from their products. We have our gluten free pizza bases and wraps produced under licence and even have a vegan / vegetarian pizza topping.

All of our products are:
BRC approved
Free from Allergens (incl Soy)
Free from Gluten
Free from Egg
Free from Milk
Free from Cholesterol
Contain no preservatives or additives whatsoever
Are high in Protein
Are Vegan
Are Halal certified
Are Kosher certified
Can also be Organic