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1. Organic Brown-rice enzyme : The human lifespan is determined by the amount of enzyme within their body. And although rice bran is only fractional amount, all the nutrition from the brown rice is contained in that. If one eats brown rice properly, there is no need to spend money on other health foods. Therefore, Brown-rice enzyme is very effective to keep our health because it is the enzyme made from brown rice bran.

2. Organic Porridge : Ingredients-Oats, dried mushroom, carrot, garlic, onion green onion. Intake - Being able to eat 3 minutes later after pouring hot water

3. Charcoal : This high-quality medical product of body-detoxifying granules. An antidote charcoal granule contains pine tree of Korea in a finished form engineered to systemize the company's years-long detoxifications experiences for long term consumption. It is manufactured by a special manufacturing technique in a production facility that has optained the Bulk Good Manufacturing Practices(BGMP) and Korea Good Manufacturing Practices(KGMP) certifications, and it has been verified for its safety by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea.

4. Charcoal toothpaste : This product contains a well-blended mix of natural ingredients and the active pine tree charcoal developed internally and put in into toothpaste for the first time in the world. It is sure to be beloved by those who have problems with the health of the mouth and wish to keep their teeth healthy from periodontal disease.

5. Charcoal toothbrush : Charcoal Toothbrush is the world-first functional toothbrush that is engineered to apply the scientific properties of charcoal to its bristles containing diamond charcoal, known as the king of charcoals. The diamond charcoal toothbrush features excellent adsorption, antibacterial activity, and humidity control and emits anions and far-infrared radiation to help keep the mouth healthy.

Product listing

Brouwn-rice power(Enzyme).jpg

Brown-rice Power (Hyunmi-ryuk)

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Organic mushroom porridge series

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Natural cereal (Concerto)