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OptiBiotix is a life sciences company operating in one of the most progressive areas of biotechnological research.

Developing technologies that modulate the human microbiome – the collective genome of the microbes in and on the body – OptiBiotix Health identifies and develops microbial strains, compounds and formulations for use in food ingredients, supplements and active compounds that can impact on human physiology, deriving potential health benefits.

With an established pipeline of microbiome modulators, the OptiBiotix team works today in the prevention and management of chronic lifestyle diseases including obesity, hypercholesterolemia and lipid profiles, and diabetes.

OptiBiotix is at the leading edge of this evolving market and, with its validated technology platforms, is well positioned to exploit increasing public, political and investor interest in this field.

CholBiome® is a unique range of supplements that use science-backed ingredients to help reduce and maintain cholesterol levels, help reduce blood pressure and promote heart wellness. CholBiome® is backed up by extensive testing and delivers real health benefits through science, naturally.

Product listing

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CholBiome X3®



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