OMGTea Ltd.

24a Castle Street
East Sussex

In 2010 OMGTea's Founder Katherine Swift's Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer so she decided that she wanted to do something positive to help and became involved in supporting the ground breaking research of one of the World's leading genetic and cell biologists. This research highlighted the benefits of antioxidants in our diets. Green tea is renowned for its healing properties due to an abundance of antioxidants. Katherine wanted her mum to drink the green tea with the highest level of antioxidants and with an astonishing level of antioxidants, organic matcha green tea was that tea. She felt so passionate about matcha that she founded OMGTea. Katherine's personal story, her passion and this research makes OMGTea unique.

She has created a specialist match company with a very big heart. A percentage of OMGTea's profits have been pledged to The Healthy Life Foundation, a charity founded by Katherine that funds research into age related diseases.

All this whilst juggling work and family with two boys age 11 and 8 years!

Product listing

OMG Tea A grade.jpg

OMGTea A Grade Matcha 100g (100 Servings)

OMG Tea AA grade.jpg

OMGTea AA Grade Matcha 30g (30 Servings)

OMG Tea AAA grade.jpg

OMGTea AAA Grade Matcha 30g (30 Servings)

OMGTEA_Gift Box_10.jpg

OMGTea Matcha Gift Box

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